The Penguin Empire

Dale Alcock 2014

The marketing masters at Dale Alcock are so good at marketing, they’re now marketing their marketing – cutting together a behind the scenes video about the production of their latest Penguin Empire produced TVC.

An interesting bit of Penguin trivia: The Penguin Empire actually produced Dale Alcock’s last brand campaign – introducing Dale’s now well-known “We Love Building” tag line. For this next evolution of the campaign Dale wanted to showcase the care, craftsmanship and love that goes into every Dale Alcock project.

Concieved by 303LOWE and directed by The Penguin Empire’s Corrie Jones, the end result is a dynamic and vibrant inside look at the process of building a home – shot exclusively using un-paid (“real”) talent and done on-site at real Dale Alcock sites.

You can watch the finished spot above and the making of below.