The Penguin Empire

iiNet TV


A TV is no longer just a TV.


With iiNet TV & Fetch, your household big-screen can become a gateway to masses of content that can be enjoyed on your own schedule, on your own terms.

This campaign from Marketforce aims to spread that message via Finn’s incomparable powers as a spokesperson and with the charm that is a hallmark of all iiNet’s advertising to date.

Directed by The Penguin Empire’s Grant Sputore for Marketforce Creative Directors Pat Lennox and Ben Green this suite of four commercials plus cut downs and 6 fun “Finntros” (which you can watch here) were shot over three days on location and involve some rather impressive animal training/wrangling.

Cynical audiences may never believe it but superstar Maxwell the cat (real name “Gunny”) did actually learn to interact with an iPad for the shoot. Clever kitty.