‘Technobabble’ has long been relied on by companies attempting to separate themselves from the competition.

They lean on impenetrable jargon to make themselves look competent – whilst making consumers feel inadequate and in need of their expertise.

But this kind of message only encourages the audience to switch off… or hope the person talking shuts up – by any means necessary.

That’s the thinking that underpins Kleenheat’s promise of Less Talk More Energy. A great product and great service at a great price. Simple.

The Brand Agency commissioned Penguin Empire to bring the refreshed brand to life with a new spokesman who captured Kleenheat’s easy-going, approachable personality, alongside his stuffy, verbose and out-of-touch compatriot “Rodney”.

Directed by The Empire’s Corrie Jones, the suite comprised 5 different mad-cap run-ins between the two characters and the creative hand of fate.