The Penguin Empire

Dale Alcock

So we’d seen the commercials and we had our suspicions, but working with him for ad agency 303 confirmed our theory – Dale Alcock is a really nice guy.

He’s the kinda guy that, if he really likes the ad you’ve made him, he’ll go out of his way to courier you a carton of beer with a hand written card.

The card was touching, the beer was tasty and the courier must have been expensive – so thanks Dale!

He also builds the best homes in WA and, now, thanks to some ingenious creative and strategy from 303, he may have the best homebuilding ad to go with it.

Thank you to everyone involved, in particular: the crew at DA Homes, the kids at 303, Last Pixel (for the ad’s seamless effects work), The Office Of John Cheese, Soundbyte and Nylon for the awesome music track.

Apologies in advance if the song gets stuck in your head.