Two magazine covers back to back.  Anyone would think we’re one of the stars of Twilight.

Sadly we can’t claim having a rock-hard six pack or a newsworthy on set romance but we can say we’ve been on the cover of Campaign Brief for two issues in a row.

Earlier this year Campaign Brief put The Penguin Empire on their cover following our Alcoholics Anonymous commercials winning Best Television Campaign at the Campaign Brief Awards.  The headline was “What Next For The Penguin Empire?”  Fortunately for us, what came next was a brilliant script by Guy Howlett and Nathan Teoh for rail safety in South Australia.  The finished commercial – Horsepower – has been incredibly well received nationally and is now getting some additional PR on the cover of Campaign Brief’s latest issue.

Thanks again to all involved and in particular Guy, Nathan and Marketforce for the opportunity.

Also we need to say a big thank you to the guys at Campaign Brief!

Watch this space for Horsepower news as it comes to hand… and any scandalous on set gossip (we’re still working on the six-pack).