If you’re reading this in the blog view, you will find above a rather adorable picture of a dog wearing glasses.

If you’re not reading this in the blog view, you should really head on over – he truly is a dashing looking pooch.

The photo doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but seeing as Grant Sputore is currently away in New York and was unable to be photographed at the PADC awards accepting his director of the year prize in person, a spectacle wearing dog photo seems as good a replacement as any.

Along with collecting the Director Of The Year Prize, The Penguin Empire was acknowledged for its involvement in handful of other spots that were listed as finalists or took home some metal on the evening.

Grant also took home a “Best Of Category” for his editing work on one the AA commercials.

We wanted to take this chance to send out a big thank you to everyone who helped out on any Penguin projects over the last twelve months and to the agency’s who gave us so many great opportunities to make great ads.

Thanks again.

The Penguins… and a spectacle wearing dog.